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Monday, June 28, 2010

June 8, 9 :: Departure + London

Our trip started with a little bit of a whimper. We tried to get out of Boston 1 day early, by trying to go standby and get 36 hours in London as opposed to 12 hours. When we got to Logan, we thought we could do it, and had a helpful dude at Virgin try and sort us out. Sadly, we ran into his supervisor, and she just had to go and call Priceline, who told us it'd be $400 to change the flights. . . so we went home (thanks Aaron for the ride + dinner).

The next day (the 8th), we did get to meet young (and I mean young - like <10 days old) Adina Helen, a delightful young lady, who I look forward to watching grow up. After a lovely lunch with her parents while she napped, we headed home to then head back to the airport for take two.

Thankfully, this time we got on the plane and headed for London. In London, we met up with Lucy for breakfast (check out some photos of the day), then had a wonderful wander through the city, including some time in the Tate Modern during a thunderstorm. We got some time with the Punchdrunk crew during a break from rehearsal and their bad boozy influence almost made us late to our flight to Johannesburg (hereafter referred to as Joburg or Jozi). To look on the bright side, we did get a jog/run/sprint in before we had to sit for 10+ hours on the plane.

June 10 :: Arrival, Opening Concert

Upon landing in Jozi, we said goodbye to the English dudes we met on the plane, cleared customs, and found Hempza in the arrivals hall.

Already packed with fans, the atmosphere was amazing. We started to get the idea of "Philip" aka "Feel It" (as in - "can you feel it?" - the tag phrase of the cup atmosphere). Vuvuzelas, chants, songs, flags, noisemakers, and SMILES! We were all here to have a good time.

Accompanying Hempza was Langi (his girlfriend) and Winn (his cousin) - folks who would soon become friends as well.

Once we picked up our game tickets (!!), changed some monies, and picked up our car, Hempza, Langi, Alli and I headed out to the Sandton area to pick up tickets to the opening concert from our dear friend Deborah. After quite an adventure in directions (and setting the tone for us getting lost almost every day), we found Deborah at an amazingly plush little resort/hotel/spa. Aside from the purple Cadbury people, it was quite a nice way to arrive. After some laughs and stories with Deborah (please don't mention "the President's balls" if you want to see us with straight faces), we headed on our way.

We soon arrived in Roodeport, and the lovely home of Lettie & Lucky, which was to be our home base for our trip.

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After getting settled, having a shower, and eating some food, we headed over to the newly renovated Orlando Stadium (home of the Orlando Pirates) in the Orlando section of Soweto for the opening concert.

As we walked up, I could hear Kwani Experience playing! These guys are a great group who I have been talking to for a couple years, and hoping to bring stateside at some point. I had hoped to see them play at this concert, but many local South African groups got stuck with early timeslots, and not much international love.

The list of artists who played from 4-8 pm was not really put out many places, so for all of them, here they are:
* three-time SAMA winner Loyiso Bala
* three-time SAMA nominee Tumi Molekane
* six-time SAMA nominees 340ml
* well-known up-and-coming artists Kwani Experience
* Steadyrock!
* and more - I'll update this post shortly

Once 8 pm hit, the event went global - the sound improved, lights were coordinated, and the crowd filled in. Bra Hugh Masekela kicked off the official section of the concert - a little different than seeing him from the front row here in Boston, but equally great.

Again, lots of artists - I'll mention only the South African acts (as I'm putting on some serious South African nationalist tendencies here. . . ):
*BLK JKS (killed it with Mzabalazo)
*Hugh Masekela
*Vusi Mahlasela
*Soweto Gospel Choir
*Big Nuz & DJ Tira
*Mzansi Youth Choir

Oh, and some Malian artists as well on the bill! Yeah Mali! A ka di!
*Vieux Farka Toure
*Amadou & Mariam
*Tinariwen (although they were flying Algerian flags on stage)

And of course K'Naan & Angelique Kidjo to round out the African contingent.

My personal highlight? Of course it was the Most Reverend Archbishop Desmond Tutu coming on stage in full Bafana Bafana ("the boys the boys" - the nickname for the South African soccer team) gear, and literally dancing and giggling and reminding us all of our inner child, our humanity, the joy of life and the game, and of course the immense change that has happened in South Africa and his role in it. AMAZING. This man. . . wow. Thank the gods and the ancestors and the spirits for his life.

Also of note (and on a totally different tip. . . ) - Alicia Keys covering Brenda Fassie's "Too Late for Mama" with the BLK JKS (check the video):

If you missed the concert, you can grab bits and pieces on YouTube, or check the whole thing on Vevo

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Amazing durban stadium - moses mabhida stadium

more info on the stadium here