Tuesday, March 16, 2004

* News Update *
>SPAIN: Police identify five new Moroccan suspects in Madrid train bombings that killed 201 people.
>GAZA STRIP: Israeli helicopters fire missiles at building & two cars in Gaza City, killing at least two people.
>OH: Police are searching for 28-yr-old man they believe was gunman in two dozen highway shootings.
>BORDER FIGHT: Pakistani troops kill 24 suspects in crackdown on al-Qaida & Taliban fugitives in tribal regions bordering Afghanistan.
>FRANCE: Reports say officials are investigating threats against country by radical Islamic group.
>IRAQ: Two U.S. Army medics apply for conscientious objector status & want to be honorably discharged from military.
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* News Update *
>SPAIN: Police reportedly now suspect at least six Moroccans took part in Madrid train bombings that killed over 200 people.
>GAZA STRIP: Israeli helicopter fires missiles at building, killing two Palestinians & wounding 14.
>OH: Authorities say man wanted by police in string of highway sniper attacks has history of mental illness.
>PAKISTAN: Paramilitary troops storm compound w/ machine-gun fire, killing 24 suspects in crackdown on al-Qaida & Taliban fugitives.
>IRAQ: Drive-by gunmen kill two Europeans working on water project south of Baghdad.
>D.C.: Pres. Bush argues in new campaign ad that John Kerry has turned his back on U.S. soldiers engaged in war.
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* News Update *
>TALKS: European Union will hold security talks on Fri. to assess what additional anti-terrorism measures to take in wake of bombings in Spain.
>N.Y.: Martha Stewart resigns from board & as chief creative officer of Martha Stewart Living.
>Two Unitarian Universalist ministers are charged for marrying 13 same-sex couples.
>ISRAEL: PM Ariel Sharon rules out peace negotiations w/ Palestinians.
>D.C.: White House suggests that John Kerry had lied when he said some foreign leaders privately back his candidacy.
>SPAIN: Leader of victorious Socialists says he will withdraw his nation's support for U.S.-led occupation of Iraq.
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