Tuesday, November 29, 2005

videos. watch out

Watch out cause technology is on the rise. I'm sure this will come to blogger soon as well, but for now, check out my brand new Typepad blog right here. We've got a Typepad account for our various Calabash Music blogs, and we've got a pro account since we're such blogging fiends. Anyway, that coupled with some fun new tools that VideoEgg and Typepad have brought us (for free and sans-adverts for the moment), mean that you all get to see my video.
And it means I get to show you where I've been in more ways than one. First there were words. Then pictures. Now video.
As I said - Watch out.
My first video post is from the Friday night concert at the UN Habitat sponsored Global Hip Hop Summit.
Check it out.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

arriving home

so it only took somewhere around 72 hours after i physically arrived in boston for the rest of me to arrive. sometime yesterday morning i realized that i was back. "they" say that your soul takes a while to arrive cause it can't travel as fast as a plane, and i guess it is true. or maybe it's just jet-lag. take your pick as to an explanation. we've started to get some of the music i gathered up on calabash, so you can check out what i've seen with the 60 second samples. for example, you can check out bhubesii's release. bhubesii is one of the guys from black sunday, and this is that collective's first release in a bit. you can also check out a black sunday alum, pitch black afro and his album "styling gel." other artists that i met include mapaputsi, one of the kwaito originators and vivid afrika, a wicked new jazz project. i met mapaputsi at the EMI christmas release party, when there were also performances by M'du, Brown Dash, HHP (Hip Hop Pantsula), Mandoza and others. Some of these guys will be on our site soon, others may take a little while (but we'll get them!).
vivid afrika is this cool project from the label MELT. we've had MELT on calabash for quite some time, and they have lots of south african jazz. i never really got this music. i just thought it was jazz. but at this record release party, listening to what was going on, i really got it. i realized that south african jazz was happening, that it was new and different and it's own unique style. the vivid afrika project is a cool one, these guys coming together to perform as one group, pushing the boundaries of african jazz. i definently recommend checking it out.
i'll be putting up video clips and pictures here and on my blog that i'm simultaneously publishing to as well. you can check out that blog here.