Friday, December 12, 2003

i got to talk to a really sweet old man today. he was telling me how he had _started_ work at a paper mill at age 70. this man is still going. he signed a card for the union, joining again after having been a teamster driving trucks in the south. anyway, we got around to talking politics, and he was telling me how much he didn't like bush, and reagan, and for that matter, gore. it made me really realize how much the media and tv is messing with our perceptions and therefore our reality.
day after day i talk to people, everyday kind of people, working people, folks who are low-wage workers or stuck firmly in the lower middle class. they overwhelmingly feel the same as i do on many issues. which makes me feel quite wierd. looking at tv or listening to the radio, it seems like the whole country supports bush. THEY DON'T!
stay away from that evil tv. and get out to rock the vote. donate some cash to someone of the Dems running. drag out a couple apathetic friends. get them to regsiter to vote. get them to vote. gotta get bush gone.

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