Sunday, October 17, 2004

lazy sunday

t minus 9 days! off to germany for WOMEX soon soon. my plane ticket is still not here cause they had my old address in the system when i booked my frequent flyer ticket. but apparently i can still get a ticket if i fill out an affidavit at the airport. we'll see.
and i have to get my passport back from the malian embassy before i get on any plane. hopefully that comes back early this week so i have one less thing to worry about.
basically, i think it's a question now of packing the right bags and making sure i have all the presents i need for people. my folks are being very good about making sure i'm remembering all those details.
that and trying to not think about the red sox and our position in the alcs. not pretty. and no less painful than last year. damn those mfys.

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