Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Mili Bermejo - Live Show

On Friday July 14th, I had a double pleasure. First of all, I got to see my girlfriend dance a solo piece that she had created. Which was awesome. Such great energy, humor, and creativity. She danced to a piece of music I had hipped her to, which was also cool. A piece called "Pink Freud" by The Pinker Tones.

Second, I had my love of live music confirmed. Mili Bermejo did a live set. Mili is a great artist from Mexico/Argentina, and I've heard her music before, as she is on Calabash and she is the aunt of Jimena, our friend. However, there is something about live performance that is just amazing. Mili's voice was captivating, and her strength and confidence on the guitar grew through the short 4-5 song set she sang.
Mili Bermejo
The occasion of all of this joy was a benefit fundraiser for two great local choreographers - Jimena Bermejo and Julie Pike-Edmonds. They'll be performing at CMAC this fall. So stay tuned for details . . .

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