Thursday, September 21, 2006

SA update 1

tired me. it's been a busy busy week.
i arrived on tuesday after leaving early monday
morning. over 24 hours door to door.
got picked up at the airport and taken to my (4star)
hotel. unpacked, wandered around the mall next door,
got some food, and hempza showed up for a second to
say hi and hang.
wednesday early we got picked up and driven downtown
to newtown to the museum africa in joburg.
the conference is good. large and enthuiastic folks
from all parts of the music industry.
my speech went well, wasn't quite sure if i connected
with people where they are at with their knowledge of
the digital music industry, but i've been getting good
feedback from folks so far. after the conference, we
headed to dinner at another hotel. we = the out of
town/international invited guests, who are an
englishman, a couple germans, an american living in
germany, a south african from durban and me. dinner
was with the organizing committee. i got picked up
from dinner and we went down to the bassline to see
sipho's new artist "zulu boy" launch his new album.
nice stuff. hung out with hempza, and saw some friends
from the last trip, including a canadian artist oz12,
who is guesting on zulu boy's album.
today is more busy conference, i was on a panel, and
then live on a SABC radio interview. nice.
tomorrow, i'm on live SABC television, morning live,
early in the morning. so here's to coffee! as we're
headed to another concert/dinner tonight.
hope all is well with you.

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Anonymous said...


Congratulations on your succeses at the conference and in the media.

All is normal here; the world is in turmoil, hatred and distrust are rampant, the future is uncertain -- but the weather is fine.

Go make a difference!

Papa D