Tuesday, January 09, 2007

biking in mali

i just came across this fascinating article about a bike race in mali.

also check out his day 2 post here

combines several passions of mine - mali and cycling and trees (or the environment).

however, i'm wondering why they are choosing eucalyptus trees to plant in mali. growing up in california, these trees are everywhere, they are weed like, and their leaves poison other plants beneath them, meaning no undergrowth. i've also never seen (i don't think) a eucalyptus growing naturally in my travels in mali, so . . .

also wondering if that eucalyptus wood is good for drums or other things that wood gets used for in mali.

as always, i find a way to question a super great idea - 1 million trees in mali should be a good thing.
the project is described here and here.

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