Thursday, February 22, 2007

Live from Senegal

The first episode of African Underground: Democracy in Dakar is now available to watch worldwide!

Nomadic Wax and Sol Productions are in the process of filming 8 mini documentaries on location in Dakar Senegal documenting the role of hip-hop in their up and coming elections which are slated for February 25th 2007.

This first episode sets the stage explaining the realities of life in Dakar, the role of hip-hop in the 2000 elections and brings us into the current state of modern Dakar, hip-hop, youth and politics.

Featuring interviews with:

Keyti (classic Senegalese MC from groups such as Rapadio and the Dakar All-stars)
Eye Witness (underground MC from the Wa Geble crew)
Tigrim Bi (underground hip-hop crew from Pickine)
Birima Fall (Senegalese journalist/academic)
Baat Sen (Griot/Reggae singer)

You can watch the entire first episode here!

You can also see exclusive out takes from freestyle sessions with Tigrim Bi, Eye Witness, Keyti and Baat Sen at:

Episode 1 Credits:

African Underground: Democracy in Dakar
Produced By:
Nomadic Wax and Sol Productions

A Nomadic Wax/African Underground Project - Ben Herson
Filmed and Edited by Magee McIlvaine and Chris Moore

Featuring interviews with:
Keyti (Rapadio, Dakar All-stars)
Eye Witness (Wa Geble/Two Thou Productions)
Tigrim Bi
Baat Sen

Featuring music from African Underground: Depths of Dakar Produced by Ben Herson (Nomadic Wax and Dan Cantor (Notable Productions)
Intro Music by: Benny Beats (Nomadic Wax
Mixed by Dan Cantor (Notable Productions)
Closing Song: Omzo 'Li Guen Pt 2'
Produced by: Benny Beats and Dan Cantor

Thanks to:

Abdou Diop
Vivi Lapidus
Pape Cheikh
Bocar Sy
Serigne Cheikh
Dan Cantor
Gwendolyn Hopkins
Erich Ludwig
Breese McIlvaine
Brian Mencher
Waa Diop
Waa Teuw
Waa Sicap
Waa Thiaroy
Waa Geble
Waa Pickine

Eye Witness appears courtesy of Two Thou Productions (Norway) and Wa Geble (Thiaory)

African Underground and Nomadic Wax are registered trademarks of Nomadic Wax LLC. All rights reserved.

Democracy in Dakar is a collaborative project of Nomadic Wax and Sol Productions.

Episode 2 will launch Sat February 24th!

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