Wednesday, April 04, 2007

interesting take on DRM ditch by EMI

found this in another blog -

> Combined, independent labels have twice EMI's US market share.
> Yeah, I know: that's a lot of combining, but two big reasons _artists_
> have scoffed at iTunes are low-quality and DRM.

> With those matters settled, it'll be fascinating to watch how deals evolve.
> My suspicion is that _indie_ sales spikes on iTunes may be what
> convinces the other majors to get into the game.

I think he's right. The driving forces in the market now are artists, indies, and customers. The driving force is not the major labels. All of us in the game are trying to figure out how to serve these 3 masters, and if the majors want to be part of this, then great. If not, then we'll keep on moving without them . . .

there is also some info here on the numbers in the world music market:

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