Saturday, May 12, 2007

one and only one time that i'll do this

so this is hopefully the ONLY time i ever mention someone like paris hilton in my blog. but you known when you go to any "news" or "information" site on the web (including google, yahoo, msn, etc), and you see all of these insipid "entertainment" headlines? of course, they are above the real news in many cases, and so i have these silly messages in my head as i run down to the real news. over the past few days, there have been numerous mentions of paris hilton heading to the big house for 45 days for violating her probation. and of course, some "fans" have started a petition to keep her out of jail.

my first thought was that i'd love to see a petition to make sure she gets put in jail. i guess i wasn't alone. there is another petition to make sure she gets her court ordered jail time.

what is really great is that this petition is leading the "free paris hilton" petition by a 2:1 margin (56,000+ to 23,000+).

however, what i find very interesting is that our crack team of media (or rather, crack-addled team of media) has mentioned the "free" petition in about one billion stories, but the "jail" petition is not mentioned. awesome. let's hear it for a democratic media. . . .. .

ok. i'm done. no more. promise.

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