Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Incredible Arrogance of Dinosaurs (GM)

I was listening to NPR today and they had on some schmuck from GM called Bob Lutz. Some VP of something or other (Actually the Vice Chairman, Product Development, and Chairman, GM North America - just checked his resume). Incredible. He managed to go on the insulting attack to just about everyone. UCS, scientists, bachelor degree holding people, etc. It is amazing to me that one of the largest corporations in the world would let a senior person on the air to talk like this. It is also highly revealing as to why they are struggling. As someone in another industry populated by DINOSAURS (the music biz), I instantly saw this man for what he was. Something from another era. Someone whose business ideas were formed back in the day, when insults, bullying, and loud talking made you “right”. Thankfully, in today's business world, those things come flying back in your face and smell pretty bad when they stick. If GM is serious about saving itself, whether or not they actually give a rats ass about climate change (the topic of the conversation), they'll hide this Lutz putz in a closet. Let him hang onto his fat pension while the union workers starve in retirement. Fine. But come on, haven't they watched “Thank You For Smoking”? Haven't they seen struggling and besieged industry tactics? You put some super nice, good looking, great voiced person out there as your spokesperson. The ugly raspy voiced old white men get hidden behind the curtain. You play nice, you compliment everyone, you acknowledge how smart and pretty and yet wrong your opponents are. I'm still stunned.

I guess I learned my lessons back in the day in court with Dr E. Watching these defense (and prosecuting attorneys) work in the courtroom. The grumpy old white guys always lost. Always. Winners came in two styles: young good looking, sweet talking figures, and older kind gentle sympathetic figures. Nothing else. So, if you want to win public opinion (or a jury's opinion), what do you do? NOT what GM is doing. If anyone at GM is reading this, hire me. I'll help you get your public image team in tip top shape. Or just hire a little kid. If your spokesperson could make a 4 year old cry with their attack voice, you need someone else.

You can hear the scary nasty man here. Mothers, hide your children.


soungalo said...

just posted a comment about mr. lutz on the GM blog. we'll see if it gets through, or if i was too insulting or off-topic. i certainly didn't try and insult (as some may say i have here in the above post). however, my discussion of mr. lutz could certainly be considered "non-germaine" by those monitoring the gm blog. ah well. have YOU driven a GM lately? didn't think so.

soungalo said...

p.s. - just watched my new friend bob introduce the volt -

it might be good if he had exhibited _some_ of the (very small) enthusiasm he had for the volt at the launch of the concept on the radio today. however, i think it is clear he (and perhaps GM) is not really behind this vehicle. i hope those engineers there can get this thing out there. that could be interesting.

Seema Patel said...