Friday, April 25, 2008

what about me?

so remember when erich took off for mali in december of 2004? right after a sweet 2 weeks in fiji? it wasn't just to experience 3 red-eyes in a row. it was actually to help film a project, a follow-up to 1 Giant Leap. Mali was the first country on the voyage for the filmmakers, they continued on (without erich, who was just a local fixer in mali), and now almost 4 years later (!) they have something they are broadcasting . . if you are in the UK, you can see it on tv. every where else - the intertoobs must be your viewing medium.
fyi - this first chapter - bombardment features some one string violin (sozu) played by a friend in mali who i set up with the guys - Zoumana Tereta. I was also in the room when they filmed Noam Chomsky, acting as Jamie's chaffeur and guide about town here in boston. ;)

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