Monday, October 27, 2008

Post-Canvass thoughts. .

I had the pleasure and honor of doing a small bit of campaigning for Obama in NH last sunday. 21 doors knocked, 5 hours of walking around rural New Hampshire, petting and calming many dogs, and enjoying the New England fall.

I did enjoy being back on the doors, something I haven't really done since I left the union. Being in the company of other committed, passionate people working on a singular political goal was also great.

As anyone who knows me knows, I generally take time to digest an experience before I can fully articulate my experience. Which can be good or bad, depending. I'm thinking that in this case it was probably good for me/Obama on the doors, but bad for my work productivity today. I'm getting a little fired up.

We were told at least 4 times that people were "undecided." ?? If you live in NH, and have been bombarded by politicians since at least January of this year, and 9 months later you are still undecided, then you certainly are ignoring some things. Either you self-interest, the news, or your future. I can understand ignoring the news, but not ones self-interest or future.

Our longest conversation of the day was with an "undecided" 9th grade english teacher who along with his wife was leaning McCain. I'm still processing that conversation, but some of the things I heard him say are certainly making me a little angry today. They are things that are straight out of the Republican playbook, and although I'm coming up with great responses, although I'm not certain that these responses would have swayed this voter towards Obama, I couldn't let them go unsaid. So instead I'll say them to the vast internet void that is the blogosphere. . .

First, I was somewhat unprepared - I didn't know the names/roles of some of Obama's key advisors/counselors to help beat back the inexperience rap.

Second, I didn't light into Palin the way I should have. The english teacher kept comparing her lack of experience to Obama's, but I think that she has had plenty of experience to prove that she is not ready/worthy to be considered for VP or Prez. For more on this, read this summary:

And more and more. . . there is so much more to say, but i'll leave it here for the moment or this will never go up.

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