Monday, June 28, 2010

June 8, 9 :: Departure + London

Our trip started with a little bit of a whimper. We tried to get out of Boston 1 day early, by trying to go standby and get 36 hours in London as opposed to 12 hours. When we got to Logan, we thought we could do it, and had a helpful dude at Virgin try and sort us out. Sadly, we ran into his supervisor, and she just had to go and call Priceline, who told us it'd be $400 to change the flights. . . so we went home (thanks Aaron for the ride + dinner).

The next day (the 8th), we did get to meet young (and I mean young - like <10 days old) Adina Helen, a delightful young lady, who I look forward to watching grow up. After a lovely lunch with her parents while she napped, we headed home to then head back to the airport for take two.

Thankfully, this time we got on the plane and headed for London. In London, we met up with Lucy for breakfast (check out some photos of the day), then had a wonderful wander through the city, including some time in the Tate Modern during a thunderstorm. We got some time with the Punchdrunk crew during a break from rehearsal and their bad boozy influence almost made us late to our flight to Johannesburg (hereafter referred to as Joburg or Jozi). To look on the bright side, we did get a jog/run/sprint in before we had to sit for 10+ hours on the plane.

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