Friday, November 19, 2004

bula bula!

i made it to paradise. i'm sitting in an internet cafe in savusavu, an island in fiji. after a nice day with my parents and grandma in san juan, getting down the beach a few times for walks, lunch and a sunset, we grabbed dinner and headed to LAX. if you haven't flown out of the international terminal there, don't. it's insane. thousands of people running around looking for baggage screening, check ins, whatever. total chaos. we made it through everything, i met up with brad, and we met 4 of the folks from CSM who are producing the festival who were flying with us. our 2 sound guys barely made the flight, but we did.
we got to sit up in the bubble of the 747 (economy class), but i had my own row, so that was cool. 10 hours, 45 minutes later, we touched down in fiji. they planned it well, with our arrival coinciding with the sunrise, so we got a nice view of the islands as we were landing. once we cleared customs (without the sound guys' equipment, which didn't make the transfer in LAX), we headed for a hotel, for a quick R&R. napped, showered, ate, hung out in the beautiful sun, and then we headed back to the airport for a quick 1 hour flight to savusavu, where the festival will be. checked in at our hotel here, wandered downtown, found the internet cafe (ran by germans), and am writing this now.
basically, fiji is paradise. looking out my hotel balcony, i see a nice nice nice view. a bay surrounded by green mountains. don't worry, i got pictures and video.
so, i'm going to run now, we're off to a production meeting, then a BBQ dinner, then collapse. we're 20 hours ahead of the west coast, 17 hours ahead of boston.
tomorrow, we're headed on a short cruise on a yacht. apparently, the mayor of savusavu was upset that we were coming all this way just to work, so he cut one day off the festival, and set up this yacht tour for us. and at some point, we may end up on jacque cousteau's son's private island and resort. sweet.
oh yeah, and the fruit is great. been eating it like crazy.
much love to you all, and more later!

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sfk said...

You lucky dawg - while we deal with cold nights that begin at 4:30pm, mushy apples, and bare brown earth, you get sun, warmth, tropical delectables, greenery, and ocean delight. Hmmm... Who were we to encourage you to go WITHOUT US?!?! Surely there is room on the mayorial yacht for us-- please send airplane tickets and coordinates soon.