Friday, November 26, 2004

last night in fiji

tonight is the last night in fiji. =(
last night was a great show. the first show of the
week that was open to the public and somewhat
affordable for the locals (10 dollars fijian, about $6
or $7). it was packed and lots of fun. black rose
( and edou played, and
laisa did a guest appearance.
tonight should be a lot of fun as well, as we've got
most of the audio and video that we need, so the crew
will get the night off and be able to have a nice
dance party as well. yeah!
and start making your plans for next year, as we hope
that this is the first of 5 festivals in fiji! come on
out for a great party and some great times. i'm going
to head out of the cafe and enjoy the rest of my trip
in fiji outside! the band heartbeatz has offered to
pick up the calabash crew in nadi (the airport town)
in between our flights (from savusavu to nadi and nadi
to lax) and take us around the sights there in
exchange for a rough cut of their performance on CD. i
think that can be arranged.
so, thanks to all for writing - jan, christine, dad,
thanks for posting. i'll try and post some pictures in
my short time back in boston.

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Cosimo said...

Hey Erich,

Glad to hear you're having such a great trip! I've enjoyed reading your posts. Looking forward to seeing the photos!

Hope to see you next time you're in SoCal.