Tuesday, January 11, 2005

culture lag

i'm not sure if it's jet lag or culture shock or both or what. anyway, it's a tough little re-entry process. went to the supermarket tonight for essentials and of course that just totally bugs me out. i also think all the quiet is really freaking me out. bamako was never silent like it is here. not in a house with 30 people moving around, not with people playing radios and stereos all over, not with animals running around at all hours making noises. chickens crowing, donkeys doing their sick ass (ha ha) noise thing, dogs fighting/mating, etc.

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Anonymous said...

cher erichi,

like the djelis who sing for you, i manifest words to encourage you in your life and in the fulfilling of your destiny. you are really blessed to have been chosen and to choose to be a witness to so much. may god give you the courage, strength and resolve to take the good of what has been revealed to you and sow it as seeds for a bountiful harvest of peace and harmony here at home.

god give you the desire and the will to share the humanity you have found. peace and much love, ta soeur,