Saturday, January 15, 2005

long time no post

hello out there. so this has been a very interesting week. trying to adjust to being back in the usa (still), having people (mis)read sections of this blog and go on to high drama, etc.
i think one of the biggest things that is strange is living in a house basically all alone. my 3 roommates are rarely around, and if we overlap in the house, it is for a couple minutes. so strange. i had to go to the coffeehouse yesterday to just be around other people. this life we lead in the us is so isolating in so many ways.
i had a great dinner and discussion last night with mf (names shortened to protect the innocent). anway he and i talked about this project that we're wanting to do, which would be really great if it happens. it should be exciting to watch this whole thing happen. then we picked up his girlfriend and went to see "huckabees"
interesting movie. funny stuff. i had more to say about it, but i'm going to run off now. see ya!

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uurqueen said...

Erich - It is interesting how quickly you can adjust to a life so different from our own - especially one that is constantly filled with friends and loved ones, and very little space, while at the same time engulfed in the biggest space you will ever see in your lifetime.

Afica is wonderful, and it is an experience so far from our own that it is impossible to share in just words. Everything about the culture and the people are so far from our own experience that it is like being reawakened to the human spirit.

It also makes you appreciate the good you find in those at home as well. And I laugh when you mention the freaky stuff about the commercial aspect - the depersonalization of the fundamentals of living - here in the US. It is good to have you, and your unique perspective home again, but you will never get over the wanderlust.

Love - W