Tuesday, October 31, 2006

news of the day

i'm constantly coming across interesting bits of information in my role(s) at calabash music, and most of the time, when one of us finds something, we just send it by email to everyone in the company. where the information then gets buried in our inboxes, as they tend to be quite stuffed every morning. so i thought i'd start to bury them here, on my blog, as a way to perhaps better show stuff off, and as a way for others to also get ahold of some of this info. it's my own little digital music news. enjoy.

part 1 of soungalo's music news starts . . .
  • From the Economist, courtesy of a South African Blog, some news on sales of music across the world. He is surprised that SA is in the top 20 of sales world wide. Which matches our internal sales data, also showing the ZA domain in the top 20 of sales world wide. Way to go Mzantsi! Not only does your country produce great music, but you also buy it!
  • From Ireland, another world music blog. Posting about West African music. The sweet sounds of globalization.
  • Our man Damon Albarn (of the bands Blur, Gorillaz) is spreading the gospel of Malian music to the world. Big ups to Damon for his work!
That's it for today's news. Stay tuned for more. . . .


simeon said...

you beat me to all these stories today! Ha Ha! guess the early feeder gets the worms...

Here or at www.tuneyourworld.com we should keep this going. It's nice to see other blogs and sites sending us love!


____________________ said...

Glad to see more support for Albarn's Mali Music! Can I link to your site?

soungalo said...

worm feeders!! yummy.
get out of bed early or you'll go hungry!

and yes, to you kit, and to all others out there, i love links in. and feel free to leave your own site on here so people can explore away.
(unless you are a nasty person in which case i'll delete your comment so fast it'll make your mouse choke)