Thursday, November 16, 2006

zune, major label hell, and, of course, the news

wow. a new version of blogger in conjunction with google. so my love affair with google continues. . .
they will soon control my (online) life, i'm afraid.

anyway, until they do, i still have some independent thoughts.
like this deal with the major labels and microsoft. microsoft is giving them $1 for each Zune device they sell! which, of course, they will NOT share with artists, further screwing artists on majors, and further (imho) digging their own grave. what artist in their right mind going forward is going to want to do a deal with a major? the only benefit is money up front. everything else is pointing towards sending artists out on their own or to work with great creative indies like Nettwerk (my fave) and others.

there is a nice blog on the zune tax, and i've pasted the meat of his argument is here:
"What UMG has done is lay the first piece of framework for putting the kibosh on the democratization of the music industry. The RIAA labels have owned distribution in the United States (and made it difficult if not impossible for many small labels to get distribution) for decades and, just as a market for distribution sprang up that existed outside of their domination, they've managed to secure a loophole that will again put small independent labels on the sidelines."

i agree with the first part, but since i'm such a relentless optimist, i think that his last sentence fails to take into account the ability that indies have to influence their own destiny. I believe there will be two types of consumers in the future - those who have bought into the system, pay their zune tax, listen to britney forever, AND those who have "tuned out", those who are paying artists for music (either through paid downloads, ads, or live show returns), those who are using alternative (or hacked) devices and alternative services. viva la counter culture!

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