Tuesday, July 31, 2007

allofmp3.com are crooks!

i have posted on other blogs about this as well, but you know i got to talk about it here on my own blog. the site allofmp3.com was a site based in russia that supposedly was "legal" under russian law (according to the site and its defenders). however, as the article in the header link details, "Russian prosecutors are targeting Denis Kvasov, former owner of controversial MP3 store AllofMP3.com, with copyright infringement charges that would include jail time, according to published reports."

now, allofmp3.com was an amazing site from the perspective of a consumer, but awful from the artist perspective. as a consumer, you could get cheap music delivered quickly to you in your choice of format, all without DRM or copy protection. brilliant. however, they didn't pay any artist anything, so forget about it from the artist perspective. the challenge in my mind is how a company can deliver something like the service of allofmp3 while paying out to artists and labels. apple ain't doin' it now, nor is emusic, nor anyone else. calabash is trying to develop a download manager, and we are spec'ing the project of encoding everything in a variety of formats, or writing some scripts to dumb down lossless files on the server on demand. amie.st is doing some good stuff with delivery, and if you get stuff early, you get it cheap there. so a reputable answer will arise sooner or later.


Anonymous said...

Allofmp3 was best, because has no drm and real time encoding - from 192 to 320 kbps I liked "him". But russian mp3 stores it is whole world, about existense you don't know, i write wide articles http://hubpages.com/hub/russianmp3site... about 20 sites like allofmp3.

Anonymous said...

Right on!!
I totally love allofmp3, never bought anything from them, because I always can download free 320 stuff off the internet. But, eric, my man, you are 31, dude got a job and stop wasting PC memory on thinking how to do what.