Friday, July 20, 2007

tour started, lessons learned, press gathered

we just kicked off our little mini-tour for the Global Underground Hip Hop 2007 season last night at galapagos in brooklyn. the crowd was enthusiastic, but less in numbers than we had hoped. the musicians were great, although we had a different line-up than anticipated. and we're ready to roll onto providence and boston!

speaking of boston, we got some great press today in the boston herald, so check it out!

our line-up changes had to do with some events beyond our control. Zuluboy couldn't make it out of South Africa and get to the shows, which was a bummer, but we saw that one coming. However, Eli Efi and DJ Laylo, who went home to Brasil for a couple weeks, are still stuck in Brazil due to the awful TAM plane crash in Sao Paulo. They were supposed to fly out on TAM back to the US shortly after the crash, and are now stuck in Sao Paulo, with the word that they may be home within 10 days.

Fortunately, Ben is well connected with some other great talent, and we pulled in Bamboo and Koba for this show, in addition to the already lined up DJ Boo, Chosan, Foundation Movement, and the African Underground percussion all stars. They all pulled it together and threw down a very nice show. Each act doing one song, then passing the mic. Very fun flow, good vibes, and a good time. However, we were charging $12 at the door. So small paying crowd, big guest list. Some previous shows Nomadic Wax has done has had 300+ people come through, but charging $5 at the door. In a city where Lauren Hill is playing a free show this week, and ?uestlove is hosting a party for $10 cover, I think we overshot our market. We'll pull down cover in Providence and Boston to $10 at least, and hope for better results.

I shot some photos last night, so I'll go through those now and upload a few. Peace.

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