Monday, March 17, 2008

beards are back

I was going to start this post with the following sentence but then found variations of it on about 1.3 quadrillion other places on the net as a bunch of (cave-dwelling) dudes suddenly all came to the same realization i did: we are inadvertently cool.
"Who knew? I'm really cool, I didn't even know it, and I didn't try! Amazing! All I did was grow a beard."
Don't believe me? Do a quick google search for "beard is back" and you'll see what I mean. At least I'm in good company. The good soul over at Sepia Mutiny has a post like this, and I'm more than happy to be writing the same stuff as him.
And now I get to use my South Park inspired icon on all the social networks and have it mean something! Whoo hoo!
And my favorite line from the Time piece:
"In some particularly trendy areas, facial hair has become as essential an accessory for would-be chic men as oversized totes are for their female counterparts."

So I guess since my sister has to get one of them chic totes for her new job, I also had to get some facial hair for mine, since almost everyone at the company has some sort of face-do. Although my lack of shaving certainly is a cheaper new addition than them stupid arse bags. . .

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Anonymous said...

What goes around comes around! I thought that I was being different by growing facial hair in 1967 -- but within a few years, everyone was doing it, so I was caught in a trend, of all things.

Finally, after 17 years, I was done. So now I have to scrape my face every morning. Oh well -- Boppee Gina never liked it anyway (nor would she on you!) -- and besides mine would now be a blotchy gray. Not very distinguished!

Papa D