Monday, June 02, 2008

Ramata Diakite - New Album coming!

I have just got a rough mix of a new album from Ramata Diakite! Very exciting. for those of you who don't know, i am managing Ramata, who is an amazingly talented singer from Mali, West Africa. the owner of her US label and i have been talking to her for a while about some new songs to complete an album, and she went ahead and got into a friend of mine's studio in mali (Studio Mali, run by Paul Chandler), and recorded 13 tracks. another friend brought back the ruff mix when he was visiting mali.
so, out of this friendly collaboration come 13 sweet, acoustic, stripped down tracks. i can't wait until we get the masters, and i can start to share some of these tracks. there is a great single in there, and a nice mix of driving acoustic grooves and some trancey vibes as well.
i am getting the lyrics translated so that everyone can understand what she is singing about. to start with, the album is called "Burutumu", which is the name of her great-grandfather's village in Wassoulou. so we start with some deeply personal roots music, and bring it to the world. again, i'm very excited, and can't wait to start sharing. . .


NGONI said...

Please my friend does not hang the Ramata work in Mondomix, at the time I bought music in Calabashmusic, Adama Yalomba, Ramata Diakité and other Malians, but since it was Mondomix can´t be purchased that music from Europe or even is not available the photo and biography.

Combat new frontiers.

Anonymous said...

Its great people in the world will not forget Ramata.
This album produced by Paul Chandler is great. Maybe her best. Just acouctic and roots.
Paul is the best in town.
We still love U Ramata.
Phil in bamako