Thursday, June 05, 2008

Still a young man

I got this email (below) today, which is good/bad news. The good news = I'm still a young man, and not part of the old boys club which decides who gets to participate and who does not. The bad news = I'm still on the outside looking in, and they (the insiders) still don't "get it". [explanation further down]

I just hope that we are not subjected to another "panel of everyone" open blab sessions run by my friend DV over at RPS. He really is my friend, but I am slightly bored and annoyed by this format. Especially since he's done it now for a few WOMEX's and APAP's in a row. And of course a little jealous cause I want to be running a real panel talking about really how to do new and innovative stuff with digital technology, and bringing in people who can explain and discuss their methods.

Now, about the "getting it" part - my proposal was about the use of digitial distribution and promotion methods to not only distribute, promote, and market artists, but also how groups are using music and digital tools to create social change in the local community where the artist is based. I thought it would be amazing to have a panel with the folks I had in mind. I still do. But I'll just have to do it my own way. . .

Thank you for your conference proposal for WOMEX 2008 in Sevilla, Andalusia, Spain.

This year again, we received many excellent proposals which were considered very carefully for our limited number of conference sessions. In fact, so many were so good that we were left with quite a dilemma. and as every year, with the given feedback of the Jury, the task consists in trying to balance new topics and new speakers with some others whom are known to be effective and informative communicators . This meant not being able to accept some very worthy proposals this time, yours, unfortunately, among them.

That said, please note that a WOMEX conference session is not the only way to present your activities at this year’s WOMEX.

With more than 2.800 professional visitors and 1.400 companies from more than 90 countries (2007 edition) around there will be many other ways to network across borders, whether these borders be musical, political, cultural or commercial and establish essential contacts for the future.

If you plan to attend, be sure to register at the most favourable smart rate. The deadline is Friday, the 27th of June. All registration details can be found at:

Thank you for your interest and understanding. We hope to see you end of October in Sevilla, appointed as UNESCOS`s first city of Music.

Best regards

Your WOMEX conference team

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