Saturday, March 03, 2007

another DRM story

so it appears that the majors aren't so game to sell mp3s . . . .
my fave part is where EMI talks about how releasing mp3s has been positive at the end of the story where they just talked about how they are not going to release more mp3s . . . excellent business.

New York - Major record label EMI Group has ended discussions with major online music sellers on the possibility of selling songs without digital rights management (DRM) restrictions, as the parties were unable to agree on advance payments for songs sold as unprotected MP3s, Bloomberg News reported, citing people briefed on the offer.

EMI asked retailers for a large advance payment for the rights to sell its artists' songs without copy-protection technology, which included a premium based on the risk involved.

The retailers -- including Apple, Microsoft, RealNetworks, Yahoo and -- countered with a lower offer, which was rejected by EMI.

The talks are now on hold, Bloomberg's sources said.

EMI has recently experimented with releasing its artists' songs without DRM, offering singles from Norah Jones and Lily Allen as unprotected MP3s.

"The results have been positive," an EMI spokeswoman told Reuters earlier this month, adding, "lack of operability between a proliferating range of devices and hardware and the digital platforms for delivering music is more and more becoming an issue for music consumers and EMI has been engaging with our various partners to find a solution."

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