Friday, March 02, 2007

Major Label woes

this is the post i originally came in here to write, before i got sidetracked by the damn google bots.

anyway, what set me off today was the last line in this article of a wired(!) article. it reads "The surprise, however, could be that the majors, with their restrictive licensing attitudes, could find themselves at the bottom tier of that system."

Surprise!? why is wired of all places surprised at the potential/likely demise of major label dominance? didn't the article on the long tail first appear in wired? (full long tail article here)

and although i've said many times already this year that 2007 is the year of DRM based on a bunch of articles and back room gossip, i'm beginning to doubt that. all the folks who have been advocating dumping DRM at the majors are finding themselves out in the cold . . . .

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