Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Gilberto Gil at SXSW

Gilberto Gil spoke today at SXSW in a nice little conversation with Christoper Dunn (go Bruno!). He had some really funny and deep comments, including a re-iteration of some of his older lyrics where he says that Bahia has provided him with both him compass and ruler for life. He also said that the people of Bahia have sympathy both for god and the devil.
Later on, he got some laughs by saying "from very close, NO ONE is normal."
His mac laptop was open on his lap the whole time, although he never really referred to it, other than to talk about the crystal a couple times, including when he talked about Silicon Valley as part of the psychedelic movement, where the trip is taking place in the crystal [referring to the computer]. And then talking about how it was no coincidence that Silicon Valley is so close to SF . . . .

funny, entertaining and insightful. why don't we have a minister of culture? and can we get one like Gil?

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