Thursday, December 09, 2004

2 sides

this whole trip for me i think is going to be a 2 sided experience. starting with the filming of the 2 sides 2 everything film, and continuing on. for example, i've just been checking out some photos from jb and mindy's wedding or check out jb's site and type code 101004 to see all pictures. all the while sitting doing internet at the sofitel hotel at a rate of 4000 cfa/hour as opposed to yesterday at the mali internet cafe for 500cfa/hour. today though i have high speed connection and working mice and printers. whee. for ten times the price. not an everyday luxury to be sure.
today i'm headed to usaid to start trying to get some money for calabash projects here in mali. we'd like to be able to sell all the releases in mali worldwide as downloads and have the money come back to the artists here all while working with the government to promote tourism and the malian music industry via these sales and festivals.
yesterday was about hanging out with friends. saw moussa's family, issa's family and ran around town with sidy for a while hanging with his friends. i'll be headed with him to check out the troupe district du bamako rehearsal tomorrow and see baissa, the director and dance teacher there. i was so exhausted after just running around yesterday that i crashed last night at 10 after watching liverpool defeat olympiakos in the champions league and didn't get up until 8 this morning. i'm realizing again that if you are out of the toubab resort expensive hotels, you have to drink lots of water to stay active. crazy that.
i think i am going to start retroactively posting and dating some entries on this blog, so look further down for new stuff.

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