Friday, December 31, 2004

new year's in mali!

and all the toubabs are in town. really. they are all here. allison got here on the 24th, joh arrived on the 28th with four in tow, including buff, and all over town there are toubabs. crazy. last trip i didn't see many, so i'm not sure if this is a december phenomenon (it is the coolest and least mosquito-y in dec and jan so lots of tourists come to mali now) or if mali has gotten better at advertising for tourists, but there are lots of tourists here. i'm conflicted about that, cause i think it is great that more tourists figure out mali, but of course in some sense that spoils some things. whatever, i'm just being wierd. but i like being the only whitey around sometimes.
anyway, allison and i have hired a taxi for the evening to go around with some friends. hopefully it'll be a good time. the last couple nights have been good, i've gone out to clubs, going with sidy and ba and meeting joh and buff and the rest on wednesday and going out with sidy, ba and allison last night. wed was nice, had a great time, buff rapped, i rode to and from the bar with both sidy and ba on ba's moped (mom, don't read that part).
i've been going to lots of ceremonies here, playing some djembe accompaniament and dancing some. but they've been pretty hard core ceremonies as i've been hanging with sidy and karim, who is a drummer with the national ballet. so for example at one wedding, i grabbed a drum at the beginning and was playing well, hanging in there, and some really good guys were really going strong. then they shifted from 2nd gear into about 6th in about 2 seconds and i was in trouble. i managed to finish the song and excuse myself from the drum. since then the playing time has been sparing. also mostly women dance at these ceremonies, so about once or twice per ceremony the men dance, and i get pushed (go myself) out there at those times.
may you all have an amazing 2005, filled with joy, peace, love and friendship.
kan ben sooni.

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