Friday, December 24, 2004

merry christmas!

i just wanted to take a couple of these gasoline generated minutes and say merry christmas and happy holidays to you all. i hope you are having great times with friends and family. i am missing my family and spending my first christmas away from my folks and sister. i am also missing my friends from home. but i am having good times with friends here in mali.
i am thankful for all of you in my life and everything that you do for me. i hope this season is filled with peace love and joy for all of you, and hope to talk to or see you soon.

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Anonymous said...

And the Ludwigs in the U.S.A. also want to send a sunny California holiday greeting to Erich and all his friends and colleagues around the world. We too miss having the entire family together for the first time in 28 years, but are heartened to know that Erich is having "good times" in Mali.

It is not a wonderful time in our world for those of us who long for peace and good will among mankind. Somehow, the Christmas season makes the strife around us even more poignant. As we said in our holiday message, please join us in praying for others around the world less fortunate than we are, and for wisdom to overcome the discord, violence, and hunger that disturb us so much.

Merry Christmas to all.

Ann & David Ludwig