Thursday, December 16, 2004

who is the vp?

so things are shaping up. still waiting for sidy's visa to come through, but we have a cheque in hand from air france for his refund and we're waiting for the bank to open to go deal with that. hope that works ok.
tomorrow i have a meeting with mali k7 to talk about digital distribution of all their artists! and ramata is setting up a meeting with a minister! so keep those fingers crossed.
my favorite comment of the day has to do with politics. every here wants to talk politics and want to know if i voted bush or kerry. they seem shocked but happy that i support kerry and don't like bush. the guy at the travel agency (who thought i was a child of kennedy (aka peace corps)) told me that he thought that bin laden was actually bush's vice president since he helped him out so nicely before the election with the release of the tape and always finds a good time to pop up. and bush of course is helping bin laden's recruitment like no one else possibly could. interesting thought, though i think they probably hate each other but they do need each other. after all, if you don't have an enemy, it's pretty hard to promote all that goes along with religious fundamentalism.
well, off to the bank! wish us luck!

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