Thursday, December 02, 2004


i made it to mali after 3 nights of consecutive red eyes. nice.
hit the ground running yesterday after being met at the airport by both sekou and ba coulibaly on tuesday night. nice to be back at the coulibaly house though. wednesday morning (yesterday) i got to the hotel d lamite in bamako and met the film crew and started lining things up. got some stuff yesterday and some today, we're going out now to get more. much more later, probably on tuesday when the film crew is gone. love to all!


Anonymous said...

Erich / Soungalo,

So glad to hear that all is well and that you hit the ground running. Your parents are rooting for your success.

Bula, Bula!

Anonymous said...

erich, glad you made it to mali! hi to you and sekou and all... looking forward to hearing more about your adventures! k'an ben sooni.

Anonymous said...

hey erichi,

have a ball. make sure your crew protects their gear from the dust. the guys at sony told me i had the sahara in my camera when i got back. give my love to tara and all the crew at porte #58, rue 355. peace :)kk

Anonymous said...

hi Erich ... so glad to hear your adventures are going well! my warmest greetings to Sekou and Ba and the rest of the Coulibaly gang. much love, Sylvia